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If you previously had a contractor or medical professional order code we are in the process of assigning new codes.
Feel free to reach out to
If you previously had a contractor or medical professional order code we are in the process of assigning new codes.
Feel free to reach out to
Environmental Health Symposium 2020

Environmental Health Symposium 2020

US Enzyme will be exhibiting at the Environmental Health Symposium 2020, April 3-5, Scottsdale, AZ. Come visit our booth and learn about the best methods to clear mold and mycotoxins from the indoor environment!

Eighth Environmental Health Symposium to Address Toxic Substance Exposure and its Impact on Immune System Health Speakers to convene in the shared spirit of “calming this perfect storm” of complex infections.

With millions of patient visits to physicians’ offices resulting in an infectious disease diagnosis last year in the United States, the impact of toxin and toxic exposure on the immune system health has never been more critical for the healthcare provider community. It’s in this context that the issue of immunotoxicity will anchor the 8th annual Environmental HealthSymposium (EHS) where leading doctors and scientists will showcase best practices in patient education, evaluation, testing, and management.

The symposium will be held on April 3-5, 2020 at the DoubleTree Resort Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a pre-conference session scheduled for April 2 focusing on fundamentals training in environmental medicine and immunotoxicity. Featuring up to 20.75 CME credit hours, the symposium will address a range of immunotoxicity issues with presentations and discussions on the risks of exposure to mercury, arsenic, pesticides, fungi, mold,electromagnetic fields, and other toxic exposures that can lead to acute and chronic illness and disease, along with case studies and protocols in prevention and treatment.

“The challenges for clinicians in addressing these agents and their role in immunotoxicity are complex and significant,” said Lyn Patrick,ND, co-chair of the Environmental Health Symposium. “How we begin to navigate and find solutions to the complex interplay of toxic exposure, immune disruption, and chronic infection that impacts our ability to continue as the human family requires a collaborative commitment to calming this perfect storm,” she continued. “The 2020 symposium is the next scientific step toward that end.”

Jill Carnahan, MD, founder of Flatiron Functional Medicine in Boulder,Colorado and returning symposium speaker, agrees.”I think EHS is the best conference to obtain cutting-edge information on environmental toxic burden, an under-recognized crisis in medicine that is often overlooked and is threatening all of our patients’health,” said Carnahan.

The symposium sessions are designed for the healthcare research and clinician communities, including MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, RNs, PhDs, CCNs, and other healthcare professionals. This symposium is approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)T. See registration link for specific details.Compared with other conferences of this caliber, the Environmental Health Symposium will also have an intimate exhibitor area reserved exclusively for companies that sell goods and services that have demonstrated clinical relevance, clinical efficacy, and safety.

US Enzyme is going to Vegas!

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US Enzyme is going to Vegas! We are exhibiting at The Experience Convention and Trade Show. Come visit us at booth 533. Hope to see you there.

Looking for Effective Mold Removal Products?

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Are you looking for effective mold removal products and equipment? Welcome to U.S. Enzyme. We’re glad you’ve landed on our website. We’re a trusted source for all natural professional mold remediation and removal products that are non-toxic and safe for people, pets and the environment.

We know mold can be stressful, but finding the right remediation and removal products shouldn’t have to be. U.S. Enzyme has worked tirelessly for over a decade in the research and development of our innovative professional mold removal products. We’re passionate about “green” products and tools that are safe, effective and ideal for mold treatment in homes, schools and workplaces.

Moreover, we know mold remediation and removal experts can only do their best work with the right products and equipment, and we’re proud to be a go-to resource for contractors across the United States.

Mold can be a serious problem and be at the root of health concerns, if not taken care of properly. It can be difficult to locate and distinguish between standard mold and toxic black mold. It usually resides in small cracks, crevices and dark areas. It can sometimes be hidden, as well, behind walls, in attics and basements. It comes in many colors – black, brown, gray, green, white – even shades of pink and can be tough to 100% identify. Some mold is powdery and some may have a more slimy texture. In most cases, it is best to have a licensed professional evaluate your mold issue and provide remediation and removal services.

Why Have a Mold Inspection and Hire a Mold Removal Specialist

Removing mold is a step by step process. Proper and effective removal requires process knowledge and patience. It often starts with a mold inspection, testing and findings report. Hiring the right professional and using the right products are key. There are tons of mold removal companies out there, don’t just hire anyone. Do your research. Look at reviews. Ask questions and pinpoint the best mold remediation company near you. And we always say, one of the first questions to ask your mold removal specialist – do you use U.S. Enzyme products?q

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